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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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"after the bell." david: that will be great. number one thing to watch tomorrow is weekly jobless claims. economists expect americans filing first time unemployment benefits to rise 6,000 to 259,000. liz: "the willis report" is next with nicole petallides. you will be talking about this new trend in medicine called telemedicine. >> tell me what you think, liz and dave. how would you feel to get on skype and show your doctor your pink eye or your rash, rather than going to the doctor's office? what do you think of that? david: no. liz: wait a minute, convenient, middle of the night my child. david: not my pink eye. i ain't sharing that with anybody unless i'm right there. >> go keep your pink eye private. really a growing trend and certainly something we'll be watching closely. exciting trend in medicine. maybe cough a little and he will listen to it. thanks, guys. david: okay. >> coming up on the show retail
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sales numbers come in much weaker than expected. bellwether macy's cut the forecast. will retailers start slashing prices to get you in the door? football season is coming up. fantasy football will cost employers billions of dollars in lost productivity. but there is some good news too. we'll explain that. the new threat emerging that is having a serious impact on folks financial health in retirement. "the willis report" where consumers are our business starts right now. we begin with the flight of comcast customers. this latest video with comcast forgetting about customer all together. >> i've been on hold with comcast for 3 hours and 20 minutes. watch what happens when i call
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another phone to that number? >> i'm sorry, but our offices are now closed. our regular business hours are weekdays from 8:00 a.m., to 9:00 p.m. and saturday -- >> that is how long i've been on hold and they're closed. if you're going to use any. i'm pissed. nicole: rightfully so. imagine you are on hold for over three hours and then find out it is closed? tonight a different comcast customer fought back an actually won. here to tell us his story is tim davis. that is not his real name. notice he is in silhouette. he asked us to obscure his identity because of his work in the tech industry. we're happy that tim is able to join us here today. we've got his shadow. he will tell us his story. tim, first and foremost, what do you think about the guy who was on hold for three hours and then comcast says, sorry, we're closed? what do you think of that? >> i've got to tell you i'm not surprised. as a matter of fact, when i was dealing with my situation with comcast, there was a point at
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which a tech, said that he put me on hold or transferred me to another number, or something, i forget. i ended up on a line where i was on line longer than kure times. i believe there is line they transfer you to that puts you on hold forever. nicole: makes you so aggravated even to just be on hold and talking to robots basically. >> yeah. nicole: tell us quickly, what happened to you and how you really gave it back to comcast. >> well the short version is, i called up and activated my line at new house. did self-ininstallation. everything worked fine a couple weeks. after a couple weeks it stopped working so well. i had to have another technician come out. i called up, hey, the line to my apartment is not working so well. we did a bunch of troubleshooting of the tech was able to verify the problem was with the line going into my apartment. that is comcast owned line. so he said would send technician out for free. nicole: free a f, r, e, e.
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that is not what happened at all. >> not at all. nicole: you got charged. >> i got charged. i called back, hey, you have charged me for this thing that you said was going to be free, here is bunch ways verify free. what the tech said he did is not legal unless he had written permission from my landlord to verify that. they weren't willing to give anything back for me until i played the call i recorded where technician said the agent said the technician would be free. nicole: i wanted to say, we had up your actual bill which showed what really happened there. and on your bill, you were not supposed to have this. instead you had some fees there, including yourself install you were not supposed to be charged for. that self-install is 100 bucks. a wireless setup. that was about 40, almost 50 bucks. the whole thing was $108. you gave it back to them because you recorded this whole thing. i think we have sound of that. are we able to go ahead and play
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that. >> every time we send out a technician there is $50 charge for that. >> well i have a call recorded where the agent tells me in no uncertain terms there will be no charge. so -- >> employee -- can give feedback to employee but there is no way to -- >> this is recording of the call where i scheduled the technician to come out. are you listening? >> yes, go ahead. >> so just to confirm, i won't be charged for having a technician out to check the line, right? >> for outside voice i, no. >> we already credited the $82 on the account. what charge for eight hours. that credit will appear on your ledger. >> all right. well are you satisfied, tim? i mean i know you had to play back your own recording of this whole thing and thank goodness you did that. you certainly are up poored consumer. we should take a lesson from you
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but are you satisfied with comcast the fact they reimbursed you? are you going to continue to be a comcast customer? >> well, as to whether or not i'm satisfied, i would have to say no. of course i got my money back and that is great. the amount of time i spent getting it back was worth more than the money itself. according to, if i were to break my job out into hourly wage. but, even so, you know, they did refund it and good on them for finally doing that. nicole: right. >> but the fact that they were referred to their lying as negotiating, and outright said if i hadn't recorded the call they would never have given me my money back, it is just as sound stownding to me. -- astounding to me. already or not i would be comcast customer. unfortunately in my area i have no choice. comcast has state-sanctioned monopoly. nicole: thanks for sharing your story with us. we appreciate your time.
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we heard the authentic phone call and shows how you empowered to consumer. here is what comcast said. agent on call did a lot we training them to do. it was painful to listen to this youca. we can and will do better. we appreciate. that. we want to know what you think. here is our question for tonight. is customer service getting better or worse? so log on to and vote on the right-hand side of the screen. share the results later in the show of the we want to hear from you. so please be active, get on there and tell us, better or worse, consumer service. consumers may be willing to fight bad customer service but they are cautious when opening their wallets. retail sales stalled in july to the weakest level in 60 months with more on this, we have brian with us of cantor brian, thanks for joining us. we really appreciate this. >> great to be here, nicole. >> we heard the consumer is
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stalled. everybody is pinched in the wallets. we heard the job market come back from the great recession but what are you finding? >> what we see is probably two things, first of which, if you put retail sales in context they're probably not as bad as to think they are if you look year-over-year which is way we do instead of month to month, retail sales are up 4% versus this time last year. a little less than it was in the previous month but not so much. what you're finding that consumers are spending money on different things and this is where -- nicole: what are they spending on? >> particularly retailers, sectors with strength year-over-year like automotive. a lot of people are spending on durable goods. nicole: maybe people were waiting. automotive and durable goods, anything that falls on your foot really hurts like washing machine that lasts years and years. maybe people holding off. we went through tough economic time and buying those things. men versus women. athletic wear, footwear, back to school. what do you think will give retailers bit of a boot?
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>> you will see couple different, more brand than categories. you will see great consumer brands like underarmor doing very well. brand selling things that consumers really want today are doing, disproportionately well. that is what we see in the retail landscape. some retailers like costco that continue to significantly outperform the market. they sell a range of things growsries and non-food items. they are doing well across the board. some not doing well as expected. nicole: retail sales and trending over last several years. what do you think about some retailers gear towards specific locations? trying to know their market? more relevant to the trading
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areas they're in. if you think about it, think what you want on line. nicole: retailers takinged about emotional environment. kate spade. even as they have done great. outpaced michael kors and. cutting prices. do you think that is trend you're going to see. >> i think you will see certain retailers and brand selective where they cut price. we think the retailers -- nicole: wick question or no. brick-and-mortar, going to the store versus online. >> yes. brick-and-mortar retail will continue to be major part of how people buy things. nicole: got to in there. touch the, feel it, know if you want it. >> thanks, nicole. nicole: thanks for breaking that
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down. macy's struggled today, amazon shares jumped more than 2% after the online retailing giant introduce ad new product. a new credit card device designed to help small business. fox business's jo ling kent has all the details from the newsroom. jo? >> hey, nicole. amazon launched their local register. it is $10 credit card reader that plugs into phones and tablets and hooks up with businesses with the amazon app for business. like in most other areas amazon is undercutting competition with 1.57% per swipe card fee until 2016 if customers register before 31st of october. otherwise 2.5% on fee with all transactions. compare that to square's 2.57 flat rate. paypal's 27.7%. -- 2.7%. intuit, go payment, 2.7% if you don't pay their monthly fee. the device works on apple and android devices and kindle fire
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but ironically not on the amazon fire phone which came utterlier this year. amazon will collect all interesting new information, from these users. so let's take a look at the amazon chart one more time. shares were up nicely today as you mentioned, but year-to-date amazon is down more than 19%. sampson -- amazon posted 126 million-dollar net loss in the recent quarter. they're still very much hurting nicole. nicole: seems like the wave of the future jo. how is consumer affected? what can small businesses expect from amazon? >> they can expect all their businesses will be available from amazon. there are a lot of interesting features that allow them to collect data and, things like that to really improve and beef up accounting. but overall you're revealing all your data to amazon which of course can use it for their own purposes, nicole. nicole: that somehow doesn't surprise me. thanks, jo, we really appreciate it. great report. >> thanks. nicole: still a lot more to come this hour, including your voice.
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during the show we want to you us out on facebook or tweet me, gerri willis fbn or n pettiledes, send them to we'll read them at the bottom of the hour. are you ready for fantasy football? it is so popular businesses across the country may see lack of productivity from workers as the season kicks off. all the details are next.
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nicole: fantasy football is sacking productivity. according to new study, fan at this football may cost employers $13 billion in lost productivity as employees spend the season managing their pretend roster. it is really important, right? with more on this julie bueller, host of radio show buehler's day off. she is with us right now. julie, what do you think of this. latest report from challenger, gray & christmas talking about lost productivity. $13 billion likely to be lost because everybody will be managing their fantasy football
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teams. i know it seems absurd but it is a true thing, right? >> it is true. hi, nicole, good to see you. just a matter of passionate sports fans that get to invest in players that they choose. so whereas, generally sports fans grow uprooting for a single team, in fantasy sports, specific fantasy footballs they invest in players they think will do the best and help them win a championship. so as week progresses, they become more and more curious whether or not they were correct in their own predictions. just fuels the already, furious fire of sports fan dom. nicole: what do you think? they say it is about two hours a week that people will be looking at this and, it's a 15-week period that people are adjusting their fantasy football players somebody is hurt. got to quickly get on roster, replace the player on your team. does that sound about right, or do you think it is a lot more than that?
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>> it is a lot more than that, even if you're buffalo bills fan, if you have maurice jones-drew, newly acquired by oakland raiders on your team, you not only have to worry about maurice jones-drew and worry about the offensive line blocking for hill. there is a lot of research going into being a fantasy football owner. ownership of a fantasy football team becomes so important to people. they become truly invested like their own predictions. players all across the nfl. so whereas, it used to be the invest in one team, now you may be invested in 10 different teams to make sure your players are doing well. nicole: this is serious bragging rights. this is some serious watercooler, friend, family, bragging rights. as a matter of fact, i have two boys who are current at camp, made their camp phone call to tell dad, guess what, dad any already know what players we're going to be putting on the fantasy football team. women are getting involved. children. it could be fun for the family.
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we talked about the lost money at work, right? we talked about $13 billion. over 30 million people are investing time and in some cases money. there are actually pools, trophies, there are prizes. women are involved. it is certainly a growing fa many no none. some, one, companies if they tried to shut it down at work, listen, don't do that, it actually ruins productivity and ruined morale in the office. what do you think of that? >> that's right. well, everybody, especially in the office, everybody wants to get involved in the fantasy football league for the brag rights you mentioned, potentially to win money. just to add to that, nicole, fantasy football alone, 11 billion with a b, a $11 billion industry. there is a lot at stake for not only individual fantasy football owners but industry, on national level. there is a lot that goes into
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it. >> give us a couple quick tips before we wrap it up, julie. tell us. >> i am predicting colin kaepernick will have breakout season. i might be a huge niners fan. that could add to that i think he will be great with stevie johnson. go with the old guard, peyton manning. he will be awesome again this year. nicole: one of my son's favorites. julie, you were great. a lot of people enjoy fantasy football. it is a lot of fun. instead of hollywood gossip or shopping online at work people can manage those teams. >> i think would keep a lot of brain cells. >> thanks very much. later in the show you video chat with your friend and your family, hey, how but face time your doctor? and next we answer the question, how do you do that? we'll have advice on managing your debt and retirement which unfortunately a growing problem for retirees. please don't go away. ♪
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nicole: don't let debt weigh you down in a he retired. from mortgages, credit card debt, student loans, today's retirees are saddled with hefty burdens in their golden years. how do you keep your finances from losing steam in your retirement right? you're supposed to be having a good time. let's bring in the principal of fregaso financial advisors. tell us what you think about the fact that we're talking about people getting older and yet they were saddled with even more debt than a decade ago as they have, they're just taking on some of the brunt of what their kid are even having, right? student debt, things like that?
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>> that's correct. thank you, nicole, having me on your show. that is correct. there is myriad of debt that preretirees and retirees assumed and it has gone up quite a bit over last couple decade. nicole: what kind of a to toll is taking on them? >> any money to debt service is not available for living or productive servicing. nicole: retired debt among homeowners 75 years older, we've seen that on the rise. 21% have debt, double the 8 1/2% rate back in 2001. there is credit card debt loads. those average balances have been on the rise. some cases have zero to these levels. $6,000 for 65 and older. 75, over $4600. taking on student debt that is something important's well. americans age 60 plus, still owe $43 billion in student loans.
5:26 pm
and are delinquent on top of that. which is the worst? what do you pay off first? >> we, the credit card deb is the worst debt nicole. and you're correct. the, mortgage debt has gone up. in fact there is great increase in reverse mortgages where seniors are taking equity out of their home to live. that has gone up 20% just in the past year. that is in the billions. 15 billion i believe was placed in the past year. and the student debt, as you said has a high default rate and falls on the parent who may have guaranteed it or who chosen to pay it off for their student. credit card debt is the worst. it is high interest and not tax deductible and usually incurred for consumed goods and services. as opposed to long-term debt like a mortgage or auto loan, that may have a productive use. >> you talk about reverse mortgages. so disconcerting to an older person who invested so much of their home debt to take money
5:27 pm
out in order to pay for things. how about 401(k)s and the like? is it a good idea to take it out of some retirement fund in order to pay off some of these things or recommend that or not necessarily? >> no. disrecommended for two reasons. first the money taken out of 401(k) is no longer available to grow. if it is invested properly to help provide for secure retirement. but worse, that makes it easy. and we tend to look for the easy pill. that is an easy pill. so if the debtor taps the 401(k) to pay off the debt, that does nothing to solve the debtor's behavior that got him, her, them into debt to begin with. nicole: that is another point. you have to really need to know what your life-style is and have, be stringent what you're spending and frugel, right. >> i would offer to you, nicole, there are three kind of households. those that spend less they make and accumulate assets. those that spend all they make and accumulate nothing.
5:28 pm
and those that spend more than they make and accumulate debt. unfortunately we have been sold debt as a way of life. i mean sold. >> it is true. robert, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> thanks for inviting me on. nicole: we're glad you're here. coming up next we take exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of the hottest properties in manhattan, the new park hyatt hotel. see what they're cooking up to get you in the door. we'll look what could be the new way to practice medicine. instead of waiting to see your doctor face-to-face, why don't you use your skype? details coming up after the break. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees,
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nicole: a couple of months ago here on fbn we talked about a new, doctor on demand, an app allowing you to make quick video visits with your doctor, since then it has gone from just a few states to almost the whole nation. it has received report, and new money. kate rodgers has been following this story for us it is taking off. >> it does seem like a lofty idea, but doctor on demand is getting a ton of buzz for telemedicine industry. they received a round of funding by financial groups and sir richard branson was in the mix. nicole: i hope they are good doctors, i hope that the doctors are good. what are fees for this. >> the fees for doctor on demand
5:33 pm
are about $40, they keep then, the remaining $30 goes to the doctor, they have 1400 doctors working in 47 states, a few hundred on any shift at a given time, you type in your symptoms, download on your tablet, phone or desktop, they will look at it, and they will let you know, and if you need a prescription, they should send it to yourpharmacy. nicole: i was cornering about the growth of -- wondering about the growth of this, you talk about first a few states now richard branson, and dr. phil , what do you think of the growth prospects. >> american tel telemedicine so theiation said that cost -- s soization said that the costs have come down, about 12 million americans use it right now, that
5:34 pm
is set to hit 24 million by 2015, they say it will be really big in rural areas, people there do not have a lot of access to care and great doctors, this eases the trouble for them, and obamacare is bringing a ton more people into the mix, doctor shortages have been a problem. they say telemedicine could help solve that. nicole: 40 or 50 bucks you may not get reope reimburied from insurance. >> they are starting to warm up to the idea, we'll see what happens. nicole: kate rodgers thank you. a little glimpse to our future. if you travel for business or theseure, you may notice a lot of new wave of hraoubg luxury hs that is growing, they are on the rebound, a brand-new ultra
5:35 pm
luxury hotel, the park hyatt is about to open here in midtown, manhattan, first new five-star hotel in new york industry, in over a decade. the swimming pool return water speakers, and prime pro position, and delicious food. cheryl casone is there, very lucky you were there, what have you been looking at there? >> reporter: chef sabestian is about to show us one of the most fabulous dishes, he is executive chef here, what are you making? >> lobster ratan . whip cream, and parmesan cheese, and egg yok yolk, and fenel see.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: fox business is exclusively getting a look. this restaurant is not open until the 25th of this month, we're getting a sampleing of the menu, i know you were born in lubbock, texas. >> hard to believe. >> reporter: you say your 47 training, -- your french training, will affect how you serve the new york population and luxury travelers as well. >> correct. the outsources of the product. it is important, the way we prepare them, pay attention to details to be able to create that memorable experience, we can focus on it and work on that. >> reporter: you cut up the lobster what is this? >> baby fenel, and bring some in
5:37 pm
it, mix with the lettuce, and put in the bowl. >> reporter: ol up oiolive oil . there. >> yes. >> reporter: i am guessing. is this an apptize o appetizer e serving in the restaurant. >> yes from this here. we have tomato. >> reporter: talk about some of the dishs that when this does open to the public, you will be offering to -- like is it going to be meat, steak? >> abamerican grill, if youment -- an american grill, we have a very nice line of meat, the right age, 60 days, meat, lobster as well. >> reporter: i want to show that you, nicole, ice lobster, it is probably rude for me to touch
5:38 pm
that, that will be a big portion of the menu. >> reporter: >> a team here every month we start with lobsters, that is dedicated for the dishes i am doing no, lobster for dinner,y iyit tomato with lunch. >> reporter: and show the desserts here, what is the name of the restaurant? >> back home 57. >> reporter: this is a 9 story luxury penthouse, the first 25 floors are the park hyatt, earlier we were at the pool, and showing the fabulous things, i want to say one of the most exciting things they think, nicole you know me, there a champagne bar that is fascinating, 1 11 small 11 chaml be served by the glass, this might be a new york city record, i'll have to let you know after
5:39 pm
i'm off air. really this will catering to the fine taste of customers that are coming in. >> we really want to create thatic per yens, we want to -- that experience, we' those guests who feel they are like at home but with a littl level of service. >> reporter: before i go, he is finishes up, putting lobster in there, and you present the dish -- what are you doing, a fire? >> yes. >> reporter: look. >> we to everyone is. to -- t torch it bring crunchiness. and that is served with potato roll bread . >> reporter: anthank you so muc. nicole back to you. >> how do you get this gig right there on billionaire's row. what do you atriwithout attribt
5:40 pm
that we've seen the growth in luxury hotels? from 2006 there was about 74, since 2006, and there are 34 this year now staout the, what are they saying? >>, travelers. and if you look at third quarter of forecast for third quarter, luxury travel overall ask jumping about 25%. from last year. they are counting on that business traveler coming in companies are allowing their employees to travel and you know, drink champagne on the company dime, we're seeing that, here in new york, you have to come down, check it out. nicole: enjoy, you sabestian, champagne and lobster. i had the chocolate covered almonds out of the quarter machine up stairs, thanks
5:41 pm
sheryl. >> when we come back, how machines may soon be taking over mcdonald's. and next, as summer vacation wraps up, we have tipso reverseing that weight gain? are you proud of it? what have you been doing, and your consumer gauge, next. [ male announcer ] ours was the first modern airliner, revolutionary by every standard. and that became our passion. to always build something better, airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. that redefine comfort and connect the world like never before. after all, you can't turn dreams into airplanes unless your passion for innovation is nonstop. ♪
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nicole: we want you to enjoy your summer vacation, without packing on the pounds, here are tips with you, we have tanya zuckezuck bat, she deals with s, and ceo, and regular people here in manhattan every day. with tips on how to be healthy and during tough vacation time,
5:45 pm
i want to break it down tanya, number one, pack for the plane? >> yes, so, not gaining weight on vacation begins before you leave hometown, waiting until you get on the plane is a recipe for disaster, everything between meal they serve and knack boxes they have more than a thousand calories, but you are in a rush, you don't pack a sandwich from home, airport has healthy snacks from soup to fresh fruit, and sushi, my favorite, is beef jerky, you know before you get on the plane, that newspaper,. nicole: not a slim jim? >> no, beef jerky, it is dried meat. >> instead of their plane food that is full of high calories, and sal, and such, talk about the portions, so you say, stock your hotel room, instead of mini
5:46 pm
bar? >> that mini bar is a landmine of delicious treats but colorically dense -- get yogurt and cheese and fresh fruit, say your hotel room does not have a refrigerator, get some shelf safe protein options, nuts and pro deaprotein bars. nicole: you did a lot of studying, a lot is science, it is about the science behind it, and what is important for your body t to be well, drink smart. >> no holiday is complete without a few cocktails, a beach vacation, you can begin drinking early, avoid sugary beverages or those with a lot of cal calories
5:47 pm
like a pina colada, they can have up to 500 galleries, and 18 grams of fat, if you are going for a tropical flavor, have a bacardi rum with 5 pineapple jue that is more like 100 calories. it is about moderation. and when you go away, you could enjoy any food, if you are in france, have some bread . if you are in italy have some pasta, just don't over eat. nicole: and be active. >> i lo a lot of us don't have h time during our normal life to exercise, they go to the gym or a walk on the beach usually. nicole: 3 bite rule?
5:48 pm
>> that is something of a more decadant treat, rather than inhaling the whole thing, three bites is enough, more than one bite but not enough to dense your calorie budget. nicole: a couple of bites, don't clear the plate. >> when you go on a holiday, bring home a better sieve souvenir the than a bigger bell. >> thank you, tan why. nicole: we want to hear from you, kpaf comcast was placed nu2 to consumer service hall of shame behind bank of america, what do you think? here is what some of your postings over facebook, comcast is not only problem, with many companies you must go through 10 minutes with dealing with auto answering server and speak to someone in a foreign country, it
5:49 pm
is frustrating on hold, you can have to do, that sheryl agrees, they all have bad reps, they are not monetaryed for their rude behavior, that is the problem. if you get the wrong person, in fact most of you agree. mark said, customer service in general has gone down the toilet. people are mean and uneducated to how they need to act when working with people. this is a service industry, be kind, listen to your consumer. still to come, forget fighting higher wages, fast-food workers can soon be fighting the robots for jobs, what? r2-d2 will be flipping my burgers? the latest on that invention next. i'm only in my 60's.
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so i know how important that is. nicole: a robot that can make 360 burgers in one hour, a company developed such a machine that could put many of the fast-food workers out of a job. here with more is career coach and author roy rollin, what is the big deal? >> great for the company that make more money, but very bad for people who are starting out in their careers, those who work for fast-food companies. as a career coach, and author, my focus is on working with kleins on how they can best navigate their careers, and find jobs skp-b successful at work. what you remove a opportunity like this, you make it more difficult for people to develop
5:54 pm
skills that are critical for success. nicole: i want to talk about machine, then how many people are really employed. by fast-food companies, this is a large portion of let's talk about the machine. occupies 24 square feet, from from produces roughly 360 hamburgers s per hour, it slices the toppings, and custom grinds the meat, and it is ease to clean and reload, but fast-food work workers in america, about 4 million are cooks, counter workers food tkrep, thi prep, te a serious issue, we have people needing jobs, what does it mean? >> it means a lot of people are not going to have jobs in fast-food restaurants, high school students, seniors, people
5:55 pm
returning to workforce. fast-food restaurant have offered tremendous opportunitys for folks to develop for skills they learn about logistics and customer service, and distribution, and how to order supplies, basic and important skilling for a successful career. nicole: so true, a great stepping stone, my husband worked at burger king, he i -- e makes a few attract bucks,s company, momentum machine, said that job displace am, the issue of machines and job displacement has been around for centuries but technology like ours causes an increase inment, what? -- employment, what? >> they will need people to apologize whether stuff breaks down, but the bottom line that
5:56 pm
companys have that very done this before have frailed. there was a -- failed. >> there was a fast-food automateed delivery service that disappeared because the quality of food could not be controlled. >> i wonder what the price is on this, it slices them, puts burger together in 10 seconds amazing, you think you are ready for rtwo, d -- r2-d2 to get thad out to you. >> thank you. nicole: a lot of young people need jobs, we'll be right back after this.
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nicole: earlier this hour we told you about a new trin of fed up consumers recording their phone calls with customer service represents, do you think customer service is getting better or worse? we asked this on
6:00 pm, 7% said better, 93% said worse, that is it. you spoke, that is it for willis report, have a great night, making money with charles payne is coming up. charles: on "making money." here is a question, what, can lose $59 billion in 8 years, never layoff staff and still be up and running? the post was on the. >> president obama call off the war on, and bring account built to government. >> and economy is back, all of the jobs have come back, in the headlines, but it is not about quantity it is quality or lack there of. >> and burger flipping economy has been a drag, $93 billion less a year than at the beginning of the great recession. >> so much for trust and sharing. up starts uber and lift keeps growing. instead of up starting crushin


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